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Kings River / Taft High School

Kings River Taft

About the Schools

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Kings River High School

Kings River High School has been named a MODEL CONTINUATION SCHOOL by the State of California. Kings River Alternative Education is for students between the ages of 16 and 18. Kings River High School is a fully 6-year accredited school. In April 2015, the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) granted Kings River High with their second 6-year accreditation. This is an important part to the success of Kings River High School. Students who enroll at Kings River High School are encouraged to finish their High School program and earn a diploma from Kings River. Students may apply to transfer back to Sanger High School after a semester of academic achievement standards (no major behavioral incidents, 2.0 GPA, and 97% attendance, plus any additional assigned requirements from the principal and/or Child Welfare & Attendance Officer).

All Kings River High School Teachers are Highly Qualified, which meets the NCLB requirement. Kings River's program may meet the needs of pupils who are not benefiting educationally from a traditional school environment because of, but not limited to: Academic non-achievement, emotional immaturity, truancy or irregular attendance, difficulty adapting to a large campus or behavioral issues.

Taft School

Taft School is an Alternative Education setting which uses Independent Study as the method of instruction, providing qualifying students as option to regular classroom instruction. All Taft Teachers are Highly Qualified, which meets the state requirement. Students are required to attend one day a week for 2 1/2 hours per session. Students may also be required to attend study labs in addition to their designated appointment with their teacher. 

Taft also offers students extra study time two days a week. All Taft students are subject to a written contract between Taft School, the student, and parent that requires 97% attendance and 100% assignment completion. Students enrolled in Taft are considered full-time students and must complete a minimum of 4 hours per day/20 hours per week. Students will also be referred to Mr. Weichmann if insufficient work is completed within a week's time. To be sure students earn sufficient credits in a semester, teachers may assign 30 or more hours per week of homework.

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